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10 Digital Auto Trends Impacting the Future of Insurance


What’s new for cars, digitally speaking? Below are 10 new trends that may impact you personally – in the way you buy, drive and maintain your car, and professionally in the way you underwrite your auto insurance book. Move over cameras: here comes high-res radar. When it comes to features like automatic braking, cameras are […]

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Future of Insurance: What to Do When Disaster Becomes Routine


When it comes to health coverage, most Americans agree that pre-existing conditions should never prevent a person from accessing the medical care they need. But what about other kinds of insurance coverage? What about pre-existing conditions in P&C? Admittedly, it’s a bit strange to put it in these terms – still, this is a question […]

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What Does it Take for InsurTech to Become Mainstream?


We’ve written a lot over the years about autonomous vehicles, and so far, hopes have been high for the most part. But this month at Forbes, Gartner Research Director Mike Ramsey noted a change: “Autonomous vehicles have plunged into the Trough of Disillusionment!” Chalk it up to growing pains.”Hype is still relatively strong, but it isn’t […]

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Amazon and Homeowners Insurance: Can it Work?


It started with books. Then it added simple convenience offerings, shipping discounts and the like. Ten years after its founding, the company took a gamble on cloud computing, staking an early claim that escalated to Internet infrastructure dominance. Within a few years, it was selling eBooks, music, video and more – and its market capitalization […]

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How P&C Insurance Must Adapt to a Sharing Economy


When you want a car, you’ve got a choice: buy or lease. At least, that’s the choice you used to have. These days, people “are no longer restricted to traditional car buying and leasing methods,” said Kyle Hatt at Roadshow. There’s now a third option. Vehicle subscription services are here. If you already have an online subscription […]

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Self-Driving Car News Roundup: Insurance Rates, Declining Claims & More


So, what’s happening with autonomous vehicles lately? Buckle up, because it’s time for another news roundup. Questions remain about individual insurance premiums. According to a report by the Casualty Actuarial Society’s Automated Vehicles Task Force (CAS AVTF), it’s high time to consider how autonomous vehicles will affect the premiums that individual drivers pay for insurance. “Quantifying this […]

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