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Insurers, Let’s Create A World Without Drunk Driving


Imagine a world without drunk driving. Imagine a world in which 29 people a day get to live instead of die – in which, every 50 minutes, a loved one’s funeral doesn’t need to be planned. Imagine an economy with $44 billion saved, because alcohol-related crashes have not incurred those costs. According to the CDC, […]

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How the Right Payment Partner Can Help Your Company Grow


A payment processor can help your insurance organization accept electronic payments. That’s an important capability in the age of the internet, when more and more people prefer to pay their bills online. However, the potential benefits of a payment processor don’t end there. The right payment processor can actually help your company grow. Take control […]

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D2C Impact: What Does it Mean for Insurance Distribution?


As we discussed in a previous D2C article, the direct-to-consumer model is poised to change everything about how insurance is bought and sold. With that in mind, let’s look at the distribution landscape. What’s not working The existing model is troubled by a “vast amount of friction.” According to one Insurance Governance Leadership Network (IGLN) […]

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The Future of Insurance: News Roundup


Ready for another news roundup? Here’s what caught our eye as we scoured the headlines. Topics range from distribution and digital innovation to natural disasters and vehicle tech. These are the transformative influences shaping the future of insurance. Agents and brokers – are they obsolete? Are agents and brokers a dinosaur? Not so fast. While […]

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How to Sell Insurance Direct-to-Consumer


Early this year, when the Interactive Advertising Bureau published research on a surge in “direct to consumer” (D2C) companies, it was talking about more than a smattering of startups. Companies like the eyewear pioneer Warby Parker aren’t just “interesting curiosities,” it said, but examples of “an enduring shift in the way the consumer economy operates.” […]

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Insurance Industry Cyber-Security: Three Things You Need to Know


Once hailed as unhackable, blockchains are now getting hacked according to MIT Technology Review. So are companies that should be very secure. We’ve all heard the news of the 2017 Equifax hack. The incident “exposed the personal information of more than 147 million consumers and led to class action lawsuits, criminal investigations and increased regulatory […]

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Insurance Softwares: 3 Steps to Navigate Your Choices


There are a lot of policy administration systems out there – and the choice you make has long-reaching ramifications in terms of customer retention, data security, and operational efficiency. So how can you decode the options and know for sure that you’ve chosen the best fit for your needs? Let’s take a minute to talk […]

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Connected Cars and Telematics Data: Paving the Future


Just a few years ago, usage-based insurance was a new innovation. Now it’s “poised for rapid growth” with “approximately 70 percent of all auto insurance carriers” expected to use it by 2020, according to NAIC. Add the rise in connected cars, and you’ve got a recipe for industry-shaking change. We’ve come a long way from […]

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