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Driving Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not


Wondering what’s hot and what’s not? Here’s a quick round up of driving trends that may impact your insurance marketing and underwriting strategies. Hot: Sharing a ride According to the Census Bureau, the number of workers sharing a ride to the office is rising across major U.S. Cities, CityLab reported. Some cities are attempting to […]

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Ten Ways IVR Can Power Your Insurance Growth


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is doing a lot to power company growth for major players in life, health and P&C insurance. So, what can it do for you? Give you better info with less effort. For example, Humana uses IVR to provide insurers with a wealth of member info, including referral requirements, lifetime maximums, status […]

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What to Expect in Driving Data Regulation


Insurers are putting data to good use. As connected cars, mobile apps and telematics technology produce new streams of data, this information is facilitating improvements in underwriting, claims and customer relationships. There’s just one concern. While people love the faster processing, personalized offerings and deep discounts, they’re also worried about privacy. In a world of […]

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Selling Insurance Direct-to-Consumer: The Product Impact


We’ve already seen how selling insurance direct-to-consumer will impact the distribution model and the role of agents and brokers; it will also bring about some profound changes in insurance products. More delivery models According to  Insurance Governance Leadership Network (IGLN) research, the methods of delivery will splinter insurance products into several types: do it for […]

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From Art to Science: New Uses for Insurance Data


According to Best’s Review, a recent “explosion” of analytics advancements is “shifting underwriting from an art to a science.” In terms of risk, we’re talking better visibility and better predictions. But there is a little thunder behind this silver lining: over-reliance on digital tools presents a problem, and privacy concerns persist. With that in mind, […]

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Key Takeaways from the Q1 InsurTech Briefing


No one wants to get left behind. To keep an edge over the competition, you need to know what the competition is doing. The Q1 InsurTech Briefing from Willis Towers Watson provides valuable information on the state of InsurTech and the future of insurance. Here are some key takeaways. Risk gets specific. Telematics and usage-based […]

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Chatbots Work … But Are They Working for Insurance?


Chatbots – the automated computer systems that use artificial intelligence to dialogue with customers in real time – are on the rise. And for good reason: chatbots bring a lot of advantages, both for the insurer and the customer, as we’ll see below. But are there limits to what chatbots can do for you? Sure […]

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Can Driver’s Ed Improve the Safety of Autonomous Cars?


Self-driving cars run on highly advanced tech, with systems so complex, you can truly call them intelligent. But when the intelligence of the car makes it impossible to know exactly what it’s thinking, how can we be sure it will make the right choices on the road? How can we guarantee it will operate safely? […]

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