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The Silvervine 6.​​​​0 Policy Administration System

The P&C insurance industry is changing fast. You need the right policy administration software to be on the front edge of new opportunities. The Silvervine 6.0 insurance policy administration system is the platform of choice for the nation's most sophisticated insurers and MGAs. Its cutting-edge insurance technology facilitates direct-to-consumer selling, distribution management and mobile engagement.


Affordable, intuitive technology

Features include:

  • A flexible, browser-independent web-based core administration suite to manage critical insurance functions
  • Real-time policy data synchronization so insurers and policyholders have identical policy information
  • A rate modeling simulator so you can test proposed rate changes
  • Sophisticated mobile app and messaging technologies
  • Efficient management of policy declarations, schedules, forms and communication
  • Business rule configurability
  • Real-time third-party integrations
  • An intuitive, easy-to-use agent portal
  • Permission-driven rules

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Silvervine Mobile: A State-of-the-Art, White Label App

We’re pleased to introduce Silvervine Mobile, our latest P&C policyholder app, with advanced telematics and all the capabilities your policyholders want! The app facilitates policy lookup and change requests, payment processing and claims filing. It also will impress your customers with slick features such driving stats, family safety and traffic alerts. Silvervine Mobile integrates with the Silvervine 6.0 policy administration system and payment platform or with your existing systems. Best of all, you can brand and deploy this app within 90 days!


The high-reward, low-risk solution

Offered at a middle price point, Silvervine 6.0 is the high-reward, low-risk solution that will allow you to quickly capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

 Improve efficiency. Speed up claims. Reduce operational costs. Deliver better agent and policyholder experiences.

With the Silvervine 6.0 policy administration system, you can do all this and more. We deliver speed-to-market with affordable, on-time implementations.

If you’re looking for momentum, you’ll find it with Silvervine. Discover why your team will LOVE Silvervine.